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ATTITUDE is the way to express how we feel.

An attitude is a hypothetical construct that represents an individual's degree of like or dislike for something. Attitudes are generally positive or negative views of a person, place, thing, or event this is often referred to as the attitude object. People can also be conflicted or ambivalent toward an object, meaning that they simultaneously possess both positive and negative attitudes toward the item in question.


Everyone has issues with writing sometimes, especially when it comes to writing essays. Don't stress yourself out trying to figure out how to start your essay! This guide is more for essays that are written about books or stories, but you can alter it to fit any topic!

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Introduction: "Tell us what you're going to tell us."

In the introduction paragraph of your essay ask yourself, "Why did (author) write this story?" and "What was the author's point?" These things help the reader know a little more about the subject you are writing about. Another question you can ask yourself is "How is (name of book/story) an example of (genre of writing)?" End your introduction with the arguments or examples you are going to discuss. If you make the last sentence a question, bonus points!

Step 2

Paragraph 1

Analyze and discuss your first example (ex: the setting). So, for example, you could ask yourself, "How is the setting the author created (related to genre or writing)?" What examples from the story (or whatever) support your argument, or example, that you are choosing to bring up? Discuss each example and how it is relevant.

Step 3

Paragraph 2

Analyze and discuss your second argument or example that you mentioned in your introduction. What examples from your research (or the story) support this? Interpret and discuss each example and how it is relevant.

Step 4

Paragraph 3

Analyze and discuss your third argument or example that you mentioned in your introduction. What examples from your research (or the story) support this? Interpret and discuss each example and how it is relevant.

Step 5


Mention everything you brought up again, only mention it better. Talk about your arguments, talk about the purpose the author had for the story or writing. The conclusion is basically a review of what your essay was about. You're refreshing the information in the reader's mind.
So, basically, it isn't hard to write an essay.
Here's a little review: In the introduction, talk about the point of the story, talk about what your essay is going to be about, and mention any examples or arguments that you will bring up. In each of the body paragraphs, bring up one argument/example per paragraph and have examples to support your argument. In the conclusion, summarize what your essay mentioned. The conclusion is just to refresh your essay in the reader's mind. Happy writing!


    When you want to be something you need to fight for it.
Example:  When we have problem with some subject. We need to study to get a good calcification in homework.

The life of the students in english class at UNIVO.

The life of the students in english class at UNIVO is very exciting. When we started our careers we did not know each other but we all became friends through out the time.
 We are always together and try to help each other in everything we can. We have learn about each other lives, and we have  managed the english language pretty good together . We always have a great time together,  we go to the movies or shopping .
The teachers have taught us many things about the english language, speak write and how to use it appropriately  through out our lives.We worry about the  work that needs to be done, for example homework and tests and sometimes we make the silliest mistakes and the teachers are always there to help, or we help each other. We are very satisfied that we are at this university, so we hope and pray that everything turns out as we have planned for our future, so we go day be day thanking god and teachers for our brighter  future.


       One upon a time, on a summer afternoon when I walked through the forests of El Salvador picking fruit for dinner which was my favorite meal, I had moved from the City of San Miguel in cooler climes. He had bought a large lot with all my savings and finally had always dreamed of living like that summer … Three little pigs built their small houses in my land ... I did not mind because I knew I would have to turn to when I needed company.

That afternoon the sky became dark threatening storm, I decided to go home when I noticed that a violent tornado was coming dangerously close to the houses of the Three Little Pigs ... I ran desperately toward the first house was a straw before the house to help him collapsed and the pig ran to the house of his brother, I went to the house to try to prevent it from falling, but it was useless because I was raised with tree branches, and was inevitably destroyed by the tornado. The two pigs ran home from third brother to hide ... then it was I who fled from the tornado, I ran desperately for the house where he lived was built with bricks and was afraid to get frightened in the rubble, I opened, I thought there I had heard, so I tried to jump down the chimney, I fell for this and fell into boiling water crate I guess would have forgotten about the fire.

When the tornado passed, I woke up in the hospital. I was told that the pigs had made a complaint and try to demolish their houses eat them. At trial, all believed to pigs, I think they look cute and pink really helped when I said I picked fruit to eat, the jury laughed, and hear comments about me and about the impossibility of a wolf could be a vegetarian, and on my looks dark and hairy and my strange clothes. But tell me how can anyone believe that could blow down two of their homes and try to the third? Why all thought a furry wolf could not own the land?

All I wanted was to live peacefully in my land, grow my vegetables, picking fruit and keep the forest clean and care ... I'm sick and imprisoned, When you finish the sentence, I think back to the forest with empty hands and without any illusion